They Didn’t Teach Me This At Basketball Camp

7 07 2009

I’m an athlete. I know how things work. I understand a ball goes in a basket and you are awarded points. What I don’t understand is how in the HELL someone even thought putting a ball through a net like this was feasible.

If it’s fake I’ll eat my words like an Ethiopian author. Otherwise this is some spectacular stuff.


These guys transcend the moniker “Prankster”

28 05 2009

How I missed this I have no idea. Even my far reaching tentacles can’t titillate the entire internets. Just watch the two videos I’ve posted and search for the rest. The only way I can see either of them topping each other now is pulling an Eric Cartman and making the other eat their parents.

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LA Police Union Wants San Diego News Paper Writers Fired

23 05 2009

Platinum Equity a private equity firm recently purchased a majority stake in the San Diego Union Tribune. No big deal right? Wrong. Read the rest of this entry »

555 Pound Teen?

22 05 2009





It’s shit like this that makes me worry about humanity. How can a mother let her son get so grotesquely out of shape. How can someone who supposedly loves a child let this happen?

The boy, Alexander Draper, and his mother, Jerri Gray (pictured left) were found in Md. after Gray missed a court appearance. The missed court appearance gave authorities the right to investigate Gray for child neglect and abuse. 

Obviously there are certain medical conditions that facilitate weight gain, but to have a teen resemble meatball from Aqua Teen Hunger Force is shameful.

The full story over at CBS News.