They Didn’t Teach Me This At Basketball Camp

7 07 2009

I’m an athlete. I know how things work. I understand a ball goes in a basket and you are awarded points. What I don’t understand is how in the HELL someone even thought putting a ball through a net like this was feasible.

If it’s fake I’ll eat my words like an Ethiopian author. Otherwise this is some spectacular stuff.


Microwaving In the Break Room a Thing of the Past

10 06 2009


Really? I want one... but not for $150.

Really? I want one... but not for $150.



Perhaps Gama Microwave Technology and Heinz have the right idea. If people don’t have to leave their desk to microwave their lunch, we’ll all become more productive. But it’s more likely they’re trying to make this thing work to market some new snack line. 

Oh wait…they are. 


A lithium-ion battery pack lets you take this thing on the road.

A lithium-ion battery pack lets you take this thing on the road.



The current prototype doesn’t use microwaves, they require far too much power, instead it utilizes the same waves transmitted via your cellphone. Ya, think twice before answering your phone next time. If it can cook food, it can cook your brain cells too.

Problem is no one is going to pay $150 for this. Wise up Heinz.

(Via Coolest Gadgets)

Crysis 2: Prepare to Upgrade your PC again and your console?

2 06 2009

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Well the Crysis 2 trailer doesn’t show much of anything as you can see. What is interesting is the fact it will be coming to consoles. How the eff these consoles will due this game justice at a solid frame-rate is beyond me.

Whatever, they’ve got to make the dollars some how.

These guys transcend the moniker “Prankster”

28 05 2009

How I missed this I have no idea. Even my far reaching tentacles can’t titillate the entire internets. Just watch the two videos I’ve posted and search for the rest. The only way I can see either of them topping each other now is pulling an Eric Cartman and making the other eat their parents.

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Top 10 New Species of 2008

26 05 2009

A new species of seahorse? A plant that kills itself (Amy Winehouse)? Naturally occurring decaf? Read the rest of this entry »

Shut up your animals so Michael Vick doesn’t have to…

23 05 2009

Do your neighbors frown on the incessant barking of your extremely furry rat? (toy yorkie) Well no need to worry about pulling a Michael Vick and getting the neighborhood into a tizzy. Use this thingy…

Hello Alien....

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ZuneX- Is this real?

19 05 2009



Could it be any uglier?


If this is real I’ll slap Steve Balmer and set a bag of flaming Ostridge crap on Bill Gates door. Why the hell did Microsoft resurrect the Sega Genesis and slap some XBOX colored buttons on it?

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