Cigarette Lighter Phone? Good Luck Finding a Place to Use It.

17 07 2009
Light up your life...or death....

Light up your life...or death....

Big tobacco lives on. I wonder how many more accidents this device would cause on the highways. I can see your average chain smoking soccer mom or marijuana loving teenager trying to text, roll a blunt and light a cig on the road. Another thing to distract drivers is just what we need.

Obvious safety issues aside, this is quite the amazing little development. I honestly can say I never thought about adding a lighter function to anything other than a lighter…

The biggest question about the device though is: Where in the hell can you use it? With the wave of smoking bans sweeping the country, you can hardly smoke in your own home anymore let alone anywhere you’d bring a mobile phone.

Of course in every other country in the world smoking ain’t so bad. If it ever sees the light of day it’ll add lung cancer to the brain cancer your phone already gives you.




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