Nintendo Press Conference: So likes Marios and Samus is CoolzA

2 06 2009

So the Nintendo Press Conference has come and gone. It started out pretty ho-hum as most press conferences do. Cammie Dunaway started things off with a bunch of numbers and trends and BS. 

Here’s the actual IP’s that were announced

  • Mario 4-D. Apparently 2-D side scrolling platformer + four playable characters at a time = 4D. Not sure how that math works out, but it looks entertaining.  

    Four-Player Mario madness

    Four-Player Mario madness

  • A New Wii-Fit Balance board was announced. Apparently Wii-fit is the best selling video game in the world. Too bad it doesn’t make you not fat. 
  • After this a ton of mini-games revolving around the Wii MotionPLus. I understand these rudimentary stylized games appeal the most casual of consumers, but I’ve never been incredibly interested in them.  

    Ill Only Play Wii Sky-Diving if I can watch this innocent avatar bounce off the earth

    I'll Only Play Wii Sky-Diving if I can watch this innocent avatar bounce off the earth

  • Some old video of Finaly Fantasy Crystal Bearers.
  • Nintendo Announces a GTA Clone. Basically rips the Chinatown Wars look frame for frame.  

    GTA: Reject?

    GTA: Reject?

  • The most interesting bit for the DSi is a WarioWare DIY which lets you design your own games. It’s not clear how it will work, but apparently “We believe this is as close to essential game design as any title has ever come.”
  • You can now upload your DSi photos to facebook. Dear God, how many balls have those guys at FaceCrack gobbled. Myspace is punching themselves in the throat right now.  



  • Now Nintendo announces the most WTF inducing product ever: A Vitality Sensor. What? Apparently your heartbeat is monitored through one of those doctor’s office finger clamps. How it will be implemented is anyones guess. But it DEFINITELY needed to be mentioned during THIS press conference
  • The one more thing Steve Jobs popularized brought two actually worthy announcements. The first is Mario Galaxy 2. If you loved the first you’ll drool over what they showed.
  • And last but not least a new Metroid, Metroid Other M. It seems to blend platforming and third-person action. According to Nintendo it will delve into Samus’ story and deeper into the Metroid World. Excited I am. 



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