2010 Olympic torch: The stickiest of the icky

21 05 2009

Apparently the 2010 winter olympic design committee in charge of designing the torch wanted to make a statement. That statement?

“Smoking the dank…we were really high when we designed this brah. Who wants to get a crepe?”

Honestly what else could this possibly be? Imagine the kind of weed needed to supply this beast of a blunt. The people running this king kong ganja will need gas masks. That or have a healthy expense account to pay for the dollar menu drive thru stops.

Seriously, I can’t wait to see the google map tracking of the Super Splif’s path. It’s gonna look like a three-year-old attempting to draw a straight line on an etch-A-sketch.

What do you think? Great design or the worlds most advanced blunt technology?




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