ZuneX- Is this real?

19 05 2009



Could it be any uglier?


If this is real I’ll slap Steve Balmer and set a bag of flaming Ostridge crap on Bill Gates door. Why the hell did Microsoft resurrect the Sega Genesis and slap some XBOX colored buttons on it?

This is all speculation and most likely the work of someone with a fanboy-imagination and photoshop skills. No way Microsoft is so dense and unaware of the competition to put out something this ugly. The list of specs below via Gizmodo is the red flag for me. No way a single device has all that in it. This is a dream list. This is what would happen if Microsoft got it right. With specs like that you could make the case out of old Fruit Loops boxes and I’d probably buy it. 



Photoshop? I hope to god.


• 4-inch display at 640×363 resolution

• Custom Intel LV Atom DualCore 733MHz processor

• Custom Nvidia BLowFish chipset

• 128MB RAM

• 40 hour music, 14 hours of video, 9 hours of gaming and 6 hours of gaming with the wireless on

• 4 analog buttons, 2 shoulder buttons, an analog stick attachment

• 32GB flash storage

• Support for Bluetooth headphones

• SIM Card tray (it’s a phone! Maybe!)

• Xbox Live Arcade Games

• ZuneX Originals

• OnLive Ready game streaming (now we’re just getting a little ridiculous)

• WMV, H.264, MPEG-4 and DivX sup



Nice they deleted the psp and put in this thing




(via Gizmodo – Is Microsoft’s ZuneX Really Their Portable Xbox Phone? – Zunex.)




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