Airline introduces new “Are you breathing?” fee

19 05 2009


These passengers refused the blow js for peanuts program Ryanair is currently running

These passengers refused the "blow j's for peanuts" program Ryanair is currently running

Ok maybe it’s not that ridiculous, but it’s getting close. Ryanair, known for their cheap fares to and from someplace in Europe has decided to smack buyers with a fee for print their ticket at home. That’s right. The airline is charging YOU to use YOUR printer and YOUR ink to print YOUR ticket. That’s like my toilet charging me to flush.


Although the surprise an shock is somewhat dulled by the fact Ryanair (such clever name Ryan+air) nearly decided to start charging passengers to use the lavatory. Pay $5 or shit your pants. 

In their effort to somehow spin this web-rape in a positive light Rynair says this actually saves passengers money. 

“For some passengers, yes, the price has gone up,” spokesman Stephen McNamara said. “But for those used to paying the ($15) airport check-in fee, the price has actually gone down.”

Yea considering now if you try to check in without doing it online you’re slapped with a ($60) fee. All this makes United and US Airways plans to increase bag check-in fees this summer heavenly. At least they use lube. 

 (Via Wired)




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