I might get paid for what I write?

14 05 2009

I do this blog pro bono. I’m a journalism major and it’s no lie business isn’t looking bright for print media. It’s also no lie the reason it’s hemorrhaging is these news conglomerates and newspapers failed to take advantage of the internet. Well Ruport Murdoch, that guy who owns everything, is finally trying to change that.

There are tons of reasons as a traditionally trained journalist I don’t want a democratized ad revenue only model of pay, especially in the blogosphere. We’d have a PR based news network interested in keeping advertisers happy instead of seeking the truth. It’s not that I don’t love blogs, I do, it’s just there is a separation between dedicated reporting and something you do on your free time. 

The Times ran an excellent piece “A Modest Proposal” which outlined a small subscription based newspaper model, micro payments if you will. The problem with the internet and digital media in general is getting people to pay for something they can’t hold, that they can’t feel.

That’s why it’s so easy for everyone including me to pirate music. Shit when I was a 11 year old kid downloading everything I could get my hands on I didn’t think twice. People wont think twice about visiting a free blog either. The trick is to draw them in, and you can only do that with content. People appreciate good writing. The problem is writers are willing to nearly give away good content.

It’s a battle no one can win. If the writers take pay cuts they can’t survive and the content people want wont be delivered. If the writers demand the world, no one will read. Journalists, real hard working journalists are the watchdog of our government. We’re the fourth branch of government. 

Unfortunately the watchdog isn’t learning any new tricks.




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