March 17 Best Buy Reward Zone Party?

12 05 2009

IMG_0017Today I checked my mail and noticed a mass mailed reward zone party invitation. On Sunday March 17 Samsung will be sponsoring some sort of shindig from 7:30-9:30 p.m.

The Brochure like thing makes note of Samsungs new line of “Eco Friendly” LED TVs that measure a miniscule 1.2″ thick. Apparently they’re going to “Demo it for you all night long.” I’m not sure what that means. TV’s just sit there and produce images. Unless this thing can cook, shave my balls and tuck me into bed mark me unimpressed.

The real reason Best Buy wants you to come is to spend money. I mean the first fifty people there get a “complimentary laptop mini-mouse.” Of course I don’t see the people waiting overnight for mini-mice. The real draw is increased rewards points for purchases. The breakdown is this:

  1. Earn double points on “nearly” all purchases.
  2. Triple Points on purchases of $1,000 or more.
  3. Triple points on all purchases with BestBuy card transactions
  4. Quadruple points on card transactions over $1,000 

So this all means that you receive craptastic reward zone gift certificates two months from now for making ill-advised purchases behind your spouses back. Or with your parents credit card. 

Here’s the rest of the brochure. I say everyone shows up and gets wasted. We’ll be outside taking shots for every Wii that comes out the door….




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