IMAX? More like IRAPE!

12 05 2009


How did I not notice this?

How did I not notice this?

When is the IMAX theatre you paid $15 a ticket for not an IMAX at all? When it’s an IMAX Digital.


Comedian and actor Aziz Ansari recently discovered this at an IMAX screening of Star Trek at a Regal/AMC cinema. The giant 72 x 53 feet screens that look like the side of a apartment complex were replaced by 28 x 58′ theatres.  Needless to say Ansari wrote a lengthy blog on his experience. 

The reason behind the shenanigans is all marketing on the IMAX peoples part. They don’t want people to know they are getting short handed. Gone are the nearly vertical seating arrangements and claustrophobic closeness to the screen. The only thing that remains intact, the ball busting sound systems. 

More over at Ansari’s blog.




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