SimMan 3g makes me SimPoop my pants

11 05 2009

So this is what special effects guru’s do in their spare time. Honestly if they can produce something like this for medical students, there’s no reason the effects in the Wolverine Movie had to scar my retinas so badly.

The SimMan 3G is capable of measuring the quality of CPR, offering students real-time feedback on compression rate, depth, release, and hands-off time as well as generating palpable pulses , blood pressure wave forms and ECG artefacts. Examiners can also test the resolve of their students by inducing various degrees of seizures and convulsions via the Instructor Mode. As part of their training, students will also be able to experience the effects of bleeding and wounds thanks to the ability of the SimMan 3G being connected to an internal blood reservoir that will bleed from both arterial and venous vessels. When hooked up to the simulator’s physiological modelling, the SimMan 3G will also react appropriately according to treatment dished out. (Coolest Gadgets)


Maybe I missed the point and this all one giant game of…




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