PlayStation phone? Fix the PS3 first Sony

9 05 2009

Straight out of the horses mouth. The virally rampant words “PlayStation Phone” have been uttered by Sony EricssonP President Dick Komiyama.An article in The Financial Times  discussed with Komiyama his task of repositioning Ericsson as one of the top three mobile handset makers. If he wants to do that, he needs to purge any idea of a PlayStation phone from his mind.

There just isn’t a market for a PlayStation phone. How often have you been toting your PSP around and said “I wish this thing could make a phone call.” The fact is VOIP applications already do this through the PSP. Sony doesn’t need to waste time, resources and any effort on a PSP phone. Any hardware they would manage to out out would be obscenely expensive and cost too much to develop for. The beauty of the iPhones gaming platform is the App Store. It allows developers to make cheap successful but fun games. 

The biggest problem though would be actually selling the device. How much would the device cost, would it be subsidized by providers, and how to distribute the games? Rumors of a physical-media-less PSP revision give hope to an App Store like distribution system, but Sony’s focus in the last 5 years has waned. 

Sony could prove us all wrong and release a must have revolutionary device. My bet is this never gets off the ground.




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