Duke Nukem: Gone Forever?

7 05 2009

Perhaps the most notorious piece of vaporware still in development got a little more …vapory? Duke Nukem: Forever developer 3-D realms has finally tanked.

 I’m not sure how a company/studio can stay afloat developing a game for 12 years without showing any signs of it being completed and you know making them money. I guess the games they published (Max Payne series and Prey) and money from their overlords at Take-Two kept them afloat that long.

No more though. 


Artists rendition of 3-D Realms studio after 12 years of developing...

Artist's rendition of 3-D Realm's studio after 12 years of developing...



Take-Two apparently has pulled the plug and thrown a grenade in 3-D realms oven. Although, did anyone expect DN:F to be anything, but a big pile of poo anyway? Of course in their efforts to torture the three people who still care about a DN game, Take-Two reserves the right to publish the game if it ever gets done.

I’ve got an idea. How about 3-D Realms in a fit of rage releases the source code to the masses. That way someone more concerned with developing and less concerned with getting the cocaine out of their keyboard can finish the game.





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