So like where’d everybody go?

6 05 2009

Eh bright ideas fade quickly don’t they? Especially when the fuel for those ideas is a little free time on spring break. Turns out managing a blog during football, school, and trying to have a normal life doesn’t work out so well. 

Good news is, no football for a while and limited school. That means I’m back, refocused and ready to get writing. Expect no less than two original posts from me a day, specifically about gadgets. I’m trying to land a simply job writing for a blog somewhere else and I figure what better way to get said job than presenting a well maintained blog of my own. 

Other writers will most likely appear from time to time, adding their two cents, or one cent, or maybe they still owe me money. Fuck it. 

I love music, and I love movies and if I feel the need to write about either I will. But for now the focus will be gadgets, technology, and maybe a few laughs. Enjoy.




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