My iPhone took a poop

2 05 2009

As much as I love the damned thing, yesterday I wanted to hurl my iPhone into a black hole. With Steven Hawkings health waning I fear I may never be able to do this in my lifetime.

But, in all seriousness, yesterday at Panera Bread Co. (yes I eat at Panera, this happens when you have a girlfriend) my iPhone stopped responding. I tried restarting it multiple times, whispered sweet nothings into the microphone, but all I was greeted with was the “plug me into itunes” graphic.

Not a huge deal right? All I needed to do was plug it in and restore my iphone from an earlier back-up. Nope. The last back up was from six months ago. I lost any contacts I obtained since then. Any songs I made in beatmaker…gone. All my notes erased. High-scores in trism evaporated. 

The lone bright spot. My phone runs faster. This might qualify as a fmyl moment.




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