Holy F&$@ing Watchmen

6 03 2009

So ridiculous. So we finally find the theatre, had a few drinks in some crazy mexican bar. And before our tabs exceeded our budget we moved to Hooters.

We could literally see the inside of the theater from our seats in hooters. We got there at like 9:45 and ate and drank till 11.

We assumed that we would be near the front of the line waiting to get in. Wrong. So wrong. Wrong like Oprah doing a playboy spread wrong. Heraldo opening Al Capones vault wrong.

We were greated with a line long as the river Nile and 10 times as nerdy. I guess the greater Orlando Geek Commission organized on this one. Somehow we managed to get a perfect seat at the top of the IMAX just left of center (I think all the white folk were scared of the large black man we’re sitting next to).

I went to the midnight IMAX showing of The Dark Knight. It was nothing as crazy as this. I’m not comparing the movies, but the watchmen faithful are out in droves. I can’t count how many brought their copy of the graphic novel.

More after the movie. If we don’t die driving home.




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