Epcot: Booze & Bratwursts

6 03 2009

Money flows like blood from a severed artery at Disney. If it weren’t for the free tickets, I’d be cursing Walt Disney and his Jew hating ass.

At epcot, so far the best time we had, a freekun beer is $8. So I figure why not grow some balls and committ financial suicide. I order the souvenir mug. $12.
A bratwurst. $7.

I can’t imagine bringing a family here, paying park admission and then keeping everybody happy. You’d run through a grand a day with a family of 4.

But the day is almost over. We’re leaving epcot, and trying to find our way out of the Disney compound. We almost saw a Spaniard and a Frenchman fight. I didn’t understand what they were saying, but when they spoke English, it was damn good.

Vicious will have more later after we see Watchmen at midnight. At the IMAX.

curbside pick up

After the ride you get a mouthful of….




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