thelonius or thelonious? ……Monk? nah

5 03 2009

I am believably the greatest thing to ever walk this measely water wonderland we call earth. Why you ask? There isnt really a good reason. Except my own personal opinion. We are not the same, I am a spartan. Michigan State Spartan that is. Advertising is my profession with a side minor in punani haha. girls girls girls….Music flows through my veins like red blood cells. Predominately hip hop. Real Hip hop. The Roots, Common, De La Soul, Biggie, Pac, Jay, Nas…..come on….you name it, it tickles my insides. Soulja Boy Crank Dat…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA right….

Its the ride y’all, you know were goin’ on the ride….come on i know you wanna ride.

The Thelonius one




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