So It Begins

5 03 2009

Another Blog. Another blog about music, movies, and shiny toys. Why pay attention? Why care? 

Cause there’s no one quite like us. We’re Michigan born and bread, and our allegiances are too. We’ll touch on Nation Wide news, but local artists, movies, interviews, etc will take precedent. 

Who am I? Well it says I’m a Dj. Check. I play football at a major division 1 college. Check. I built a computer in sixth grade. Check. I might have a slight affinity for all things Apple. I bleed Hip-hop. And I’m a journalism major. Not the most uplifting career choice right now, considering print media is dying, and the economy is being knifed more than Jack-O’s face. 

We’re just starting, so stay tuned, all of us will be making this is ME posts. Get you acquainted. 


Dj Heavy Set




One response

5 03 2009

Haha actually I was born in Cali, but it’s all good! Michigan definitely has my heart and soul.

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