5 03 2009

Im a movie snob through and through like my father before me. I have spent most of my developing years watching and analyzing films and tv shows. I had a rough childhood growing up on the tough streets of battle creek, as a pale sickly boy my only escape was in the wonderful world of the cinematic adventure. As I got older I developed into a movie super-geek, something of a legend in my neighborhood, the kids feared me due to my intellectual prowess in the movie field, the girls melted when hearing me argue if han or greedo shot first, life was good. When I got to college I was at the top of my game, watching as many movies in a day I could, using all my extra cash to go to the theater, no one could topple me, I was a movie god among the peons and they worshipped me. Then I met Sillip Pwanson, a great beast of a man I tell you; he was ten stories high if he was a foot. Never had I met before in my life a man who could challenge my movie knowledge and beat me at my own game. With our powers combined I knew Sillip and I could be movie Super-gods. So we joined forces and created this blog to share our vast knowledge of everything film with you the reader. I leave you with a scene from my favorite movie mac and me…enjoy.





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