Hello Babies, Welcome to Earth.

5 03 2009

It has been said music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. After a long day of the mundane, we need a reminder that life is not a curse. Music regardless of genre evolves parallel to us as a brother, embracing our fears and passions, telling our stories, taking us to new levels, and is understood and enjoyed universally no matter the language throughout the entire world. I like to think that even my dog spent a moment to take in through those floppy ears a nice horn solo or drumbeat every now and then. I swear I saw him bob his head to Outkast once.

As far as my story goes, I listen to hip hop. That’s right mothers, lock your daughters inside and call the police! (Sigh. The sad thing is this tends to actually be the true mindset.)

The real truth however, I am not a gangster, nor do I try to be. I don’t own a .22, I’ve never been to jail, I don’t mack hoochies and ghetto rats, and I try to stay as far from crunk as geographically and mentally possible. I respect the art, but that subgenre is definitely not my steez.

To sum me up with some visual imagery, I DJ in my car. I roll with the windows down and the speakers up even in freezing Michigan weather, just so I can share the wealth of music. This is wealth I will share with you all in good time, so stick around.


To commemorate a collaborative blog, here are a couple collabs.




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